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Are you a subcontractor or material supplier with projects in multiple states? Do you want to get ahead of legal challenges and be prepared for payout problems before they occur? Request a free lien seminar from one of our legal experts. We will provide an in-depth seminar for your management team, covering several essential topics including:
  • Before you get involved - Identifying factors that indicate if a project is over-leveraged, under-capitalized and poorly funded
  • Obtaining valuable legal facts - how, when, and what
  • How to identify payout problems before they occur
  • How to establish an in house system to advocate for your lien rights
  • What is ideal performance of the construction contract
  • Understanding mechanics lien rights and time periods
  • Evaluating construction claims
  • Alternatives to liens
  • Improving internal organization for increased collection results at less cost
At the end of the seminar, your entire team will feel prepared to address payout problems and to know what steps to take to make sure you get paid in full on every job.

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